Academy book company


How do I search for a book?

There is a search bar along the top of every page.
Enter a book title, author or ISBN. Partial searches are also supported
The search results are displayed 5 items per page. You can sort your search results by using the options at the top of the results list. These options allow you to sort by author, title, or year.
Clicking on the book title or book image will display all available infromation on the book.

How do I order with Academy Books?

Adding to Your Cart
Once you have found a book you want, you should add the book to your cart.
Simply click "Add to Cart". Click on the book title or image to view the details.

Shopping Cart
Your shopping cart is a page where you can see the product you want to buy, in a list with the "Order Total Price" at the bottom. The items stay saved even if you go to another page.
a. If you want more than one of a product, change the value in the Quantity box, then click the refresh icon to the right of the box.
b. If there is a book in your cart that you do not want. Click the remove button beside the product.
c. When you have finished shopping, click the big "Proceed to Checkout" button at the bottom of the page.

a. If you do not have an account or are not logged in to Academy Books, you will be prompted with the login page.
b. If you have an account, login. If not then fill in the form details and click submit.
c. When you have logged in, you will be taken to the shipping details page. Fill out all the details, and click Continue.
d. Next is the Payment options page. Fill in all the details, and click Continue.
e. The last Checkout page is the confirmation page. Check over all your details to make sure all the information is correct, and click the big "Place Order" button at the bottom of the screen.
f. You have now placed your order and will be prompted with your receipt.

What are my payment options?
As an account customer, you have several payment options. You can pay by credit card, direct credit, cheque or by account. All prices include GST

What is the "My Account" page for?
Once logged in, you will reach the "My Account" page. The details in these links and pages differ from one user to another. In these pages you can view your history and statistics with this site in terms of amount spent and books purchased

My Account:
From the My Account button, you can edit your registration details.

Order History:
Here you can view the history of your orders and purchases.

Do I get a tax invoice?
Yes. Once you have completed your orders and books are processed, an invoice will be sent to you. Normally we will send the invoice/remittance out with the book/s.

My orders were damaged when they arrived. What can I do?
We try to package our products with great care. However if you have received a damaged item, please contact us via phone or email.